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Common Ant infestation issues

Ants are the most common form of visibly active insects in homes, buildings, and gardens throughout the Gauteng region and will require proper Ant control Johannesburg to correctly address the issue.

Ants invade through gaps, small cracks and openings in walls, floors, pipes, and brickwork in search of food and water. Ants and traces of ants are most commonly found in kitchens and other areas of the home where food is prepared and consumed.

Ants live in large colonies under patios and floors. They can and do breed very fast and have a similar hierarchical structure to termites. There are many off the shelf products that are used to repel and treat ant problems however, most of these only temporarily disable ants at the surface and fail to address the underlying issue of the colony.

If you spot ants in your home, there could be a larger, more prominent threat which needs proper investigation by a certified pest management company. A pest control expert will have expert knowledge of the biology, habitat, and behaviour of the ants and how to gain control of the infestation and prevent it from arising again.

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What are the signs of an
Ant infestation?

Ants are fairly easy to easy to spot once they have found a viable food source. Large trails of ants can be seen going back and forth across floors, around the edge of a room or on walls and ceilings. Unlike termites, ant colonies are much harder to spot since they live underground and don’t leave many visible signs of where they have nested.

How to prevent Ants
in your home?

Like all pest issues, prevention is always better than the cure. There are many steps you can take to avoid having ants invade your home. Ants are simply looking for food and water sources. If you eliminate the availability of both and take care to seal cracks and gaps, you should be confident of living ant free.

Block off entry points

If you spot ants in your home, follow their trail to identify the entry point. This will usually be a gap or crack in your exterior walls, windows, doors or floors. Once you have identified the entry point, seal the crack with motor, cement or silicon which will prevent the ants from re-entering your home.

Keep your home clean

Food and drink spills will always attract unwanted pests in your home. This is particularly true to form with ants. Make sure you keep all food preparation areas clean and dry and wipe surfaces thoroughly. Food, especially sweets should be kept in sealed containers.

Look out for leaking pipes

Ants need water as well as food to survive. Leaking pipe or plumbing within your home will act as an invitation for ants to move in, especially during dryer summer months.

How do I get rid of ants at home?

Ant control Johannesburg is fairly straight forward process once the source has been established and the potential entry points have been sealed. Using DIY repellents may only provide a temporary solution to your problem. Entrusting the services of a pest control professional is always advised for maximum peace of mind.

We have tried and tested may different ant control processes and techniques over the years and the efficiency of each is solely based on individual circumstances and the severity of your issue. We use various residual spray treatments, gel baits and regular eco-friendly granular baits throughout our processes.

Ant bait is extremely effective for foraging ants. They identify the bait as an irresistible food source and carry it back to the nest which in turn results in a viral infection of the entire colony.

Specialists for Ant Control Johannesburg

Termicon has over 20 years’ experience as a Johannesburg ant exterminator. We not only treat your current infestation but also provide preventative measure to avoid the same problem arising again. Our treatments are fast, safe to the environment, and guaranteed to last.

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